Fool On offers a variety of workshops both online and across North Lanarkshire

Fool On provide various workshops where anyone of any skill set can join to better thier mental health well being, learn a new skill or pass on their knowledge to others. 

 Prior to Lockdown, our workshops were delivered at  centres across North Lanarkshire.    As with the rest of the country, we had to adapt to keep our teams and patrons safe. Our workshops have taken an online format delivered regularly through various online avenues. Fool On will continue to monitor COVID 19 regulations and deliver in person when the time is right. For now, you can join online quizzes, events and workshops. Get in touch for more information on joining. 

Music Workshop

 Fool On provide music tuition through it's workshops for beginners to advanced. Instruments currently covered: Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Drums, Ukulele, Banjo. 

Workshops cover everything from basic chords to understanding Music Theory. Participants learn by doing and are encouraged to perform in one of the Fool On Bands dependant on their skill level.   

If your voice is your chosen instrument, join the bands in providing vocals to thier cover and original songs and learn music theory along with the musicians.   

Fool on Bands:

 Free4All - Open to all members of Fool On - the fool on party band perform popular party songs at various fundraisers and party nights, 

 Darker Shade - covering more advanced rock music, 

Paralingual - is an instrumental band performing Jazz, Classical, and Rock.  The band is of an advanced level and provides background music at various events. 

PhonoMania -  is an originals band writing,  performing, and recording songs written by the group.    

Creative Writing

The Creative Writing workshop is delivered online and is a support group for budding writers.  

 Learn about the creative process, structure and share ideas with the group. whether your interests are in poetry, short stories or you are an aspiring novelist, this group provides support and feedback to anyone interested in this weekly online workshop.


Stand Up Comedy 

A tutor led workshop where stage craft, constucting jokes and delivery are amongst the things you can develop in this supportive and laid back group. The opportunity to perform at Fool On shows gives you a great environment to practice your craft to an audience. 

When you are ready, this group can help you get gigs outside of Fool On and pave your way to being a future star. 


Sing a long to your favourite backing tracks or with the Fool On bands. Don`t want to sing along but want to enjoy others performing? No problem, come along and listen at the singing workshops.     


New to Fool On as an additional get together during lockdown (but it`s great so will be continuing), the classic role play game of Dungeons and Dragons takes an online format where you can have an adventure from your desktop with others from the Fool On group.